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Okay guys, get this. We're going to go all out, because we absolutely freaking ADORE BOB. Just admit it. We're going to..get a chartered guild on Furc. A social one, but a guild nonetheless. Here's what we'll need:

Guild Website
Basically just a small site with a members list, and all that crap Furc wants us to have up in order for us to qualify to be a guild. A place for screenshots, etc. Possibly cultish icons (both LJ and AIM)...

LJ Layout:
To make this community look half-decent. Anything would be great, but I'm just shitty at LJ layouts, so, I can't.

Guild Dream
At this point the dream will probably just be..the Clearing. A dream that consists solely of the Clearing section of NH. If you have any ideas, comment with them.

Members (For the Guild):
Comment if you're interested in joining the guild. :3 We'll need a minimum of 10 members to start out. We'll also need two Tannests/Taneestas, so, if you're on furc a lot (especially if you're in the Clearing a lot) say so in your comment.

A Name
We'll need a name. My thoughts are Bob: The Cult, but I want to know what you all think. Include ideas in your comments and I'll make a poll on my LJ (since I haven't paid for this account, yet) and we can vote.

Poll for Rah
We'll also need to make a poll for Rah. If anyone is interested in being Rah, include that in your comment. Keep in mind that as Rah (or as one of the Taneest[a]s) you'll supervise the website, the LJ community, and the guild dream.

Why I think I should be Rah. *cough cough* I have a website with which to host the site, I'm on furc constantly, and I'm the owner of this community.

If I've forgotten anything, say so. At the time of typing up this entry I haven't started to make anything, yet, so if you can make something for the guild/community/website say so in your comment!

Also, thanks to all of you who have joined. My heart goes out to all of you for making this community semi-decent. :D Now post more! *cracks a whip* If you don't know how to post in a community, follow the steps in
1. Go here:
2. Scroll down to where it says 'Journal to post in:' next to a drop-down menu. Select 'theclearing'.
3. Type your message in the box.
4. Right-click the entire message and click copy, incase it doesn't send or something.
5. Click 'Update Journal'!

(Bob Bless You)

<3 Ailne
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