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The Furcadian Guild [Update]

This entry is going to be in a cut, because it will/should be large. So

Okay, we've done a bit of preliminary work, and I'm currently writing up the charter. Jobs have been dealt out as shown:

Skiddy is working on the dream.
Ailne is working on the charter.
Steelii is doing a bit of recruiting.
Sarako is working on the website.

We have our ten charter members, and they are as follows:

1. Ailne - First Rah
2. Skiddy - Second Rah
3. Steelii - Taneesta
4. Sarako - Taneesta
5. Aekiioc - ??
6. `Kheshin` - ??
7. Coldflare - ??
8. Lionereter - ??
9. Callia Autumn - Dream Help
10. Cyb - ??

Others wanting to be members are more than welcome. All members of The Clearing LJ Community are welcome to join, no questions asked. Others (general furres not familiar with Bob, etc.) just need to ask one of the Rahs, or they may ask one of the Taneestas.

And yes, we have two Rahs. Skiddy and myself will be doing the bulk of the work, so I feel this makes it easier. Steelii and Sarako have the same authority in the guild as we do, despite what we'll tell Furcadia. :3

FYI: The name of the guild (assuming Furcadia finds it appropriate) will be Bob: The Cult.

Personal Note To Letty: IM me on AOL Instant Messenger. SN is ailnuh. I'll give you the LJ Community pass that way.
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